How to find out Schema Passwords in a 10gAS Application Server

There are two basic methods to find out the schema passwords in a Oracle 10gAS Application Server:- A) Steps (through the ODM tool):- 1)   Log onto the host that hosts the infrastructure tier (e.g. host is – ausable) using x-windows like Hummingbird. 2)    Log on as user “oracle” – the user that did the install….


Recovery using RMAN

You lost the RMAN recovery catalog and controlfile. Restored controlfile from backup for example using dbms_backup_restore package and then restored and recovered the whole database with RMAN in nocatalog mode. When you register the database in a new recovery catalog, old backups in the controlfile are now inaccessible using the new RMAN catalog. A: 1….


Oracle Identity Management(OIM) How to reset OID cn=orcladmin password

Oracle Identity Management(OIM) How to reset OID cn=orcladmin password If you wonder what is the password for Oracle Internet Directory(OID) user cn=orcladmin after OIM installation, well, it is exactly the same as ias_admin password specified during installation of OIM. If you really want to reset the password, use included utility in $ORACLE_HOMEbin as follows:…


Oracle Locking Survival Guide

Oracle Locking Survival Guide —————————– Overview In multi-user systems, many users may update the same information at the same time. Locking allows only one user to update a particular data block; another person cannot modify the same data. The basic idea of locking is that when a user modifies data through a transaction, that data…

Oracle RMAN – Restore from any Disk Location

Oracle RMAN – Restore from any Disk Location RMAN looks for the backupfiles to restore within its catalog and therefore there is no RESTORE DATABASE FROM <Disk-Location> command. You can circumvent this constraint using the RMAN command CATALOG START WITH <Disk-Location>. The following example shows how to restore an Oracle database from any disk location….


Logical Standby Creation

Create a Physical Standby 1. Perform a hot backup of the primary database. This can be done in several ways depending on what your current configuration is and where the logical standby database will be placed. 2. Turn this backup of the primary database into a physical standby following a. Restore the backup to the…

Troubleshooting ORA-1031 Insufficient Privilege

Today I tried to login as sysdba i was given this error “ORA-01031 Insufficeint Privilege”. So I thought to write troubleshooting tips for ORA-01031 Facts About Operating System Authentication 1. The following syntax is used while OS Authentication sqlplus / as sysdba 2. A SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES controls the operation system authentication. On unix platforms setting the…

Operations on Redo Log’s Files

Steps for Renaming Redo Log Members Shut down the database. 1. SHUTDOWN 2. Copy the redo log files to the new location.Operating system files, such as redo log members, must be copied using the appropriate operating system commands. See your operating system specific documentation for more information about copying files. The following example uses operating…