Month: October 2009

  • 11i Forms compilation errors

    Forms compilation errors parameter Recently all custom forms compilation failed with errors like these: FRM-18108: Failed to load the following objects. Source Module:APPSTAND Source Object: STANDARD_PC_AND_VA Source Module:APPSTAND Source Object: STANDARD_TOOLBAR Source Module:APPSTAND Source Object: STANDARD_CALENDAR Compiling package specification APP_CUSTOM… No compilation errors. or Compiling KEY-NXTBLK trigger on QUERY_FIND data block… Compilation error on KEY-NXTBLK…

  • How to disable Administrative share c$ or d$



    The system automatically creates hidden “administrative shares” for its logical drives C:, D:, and so forth which it names C$, D$ and so forth. It also creates the admin$ hidden share for to the \winnt or windows folder. These shares are designed for remote access support by domain administrators. By default, if you delete these…