Recovery using RMAN

You lost the RMAN recovery catalog and controlfile. Restored controlfile from backup for example using dbms_backup_restore
package and then restored and recovered the whole database with RMAN in nocatalog mode. When you register the database in a new recovery
catalog, old backups in the controlfile are now inaccessible using the new RMAN catalog.
A: 1. After restoring the controlfile, make a copy to control.bak
before mounting the database.
2. Mount database
3. Start rman and connect to the new recovery catalog
4. register database
5. resync catalog from controlfilecopy ‘/path/control.bak’
6. Restore/recover and open database
7. reset database
Explanation: When you register the database after opening with resetlogs, resync of catalog from
controlfile does not include information about backups from previous incarnations

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