Top Five Cool Features of Oracle9i

Top Five Cool Features of Oracle9i

1 Flashback Query
Ever wanted to run a query against your data as it appeared last month?
You can, and much more, using Oracle9i Flashback Query.

2 Access External Files
No more work-arounds for accessing data not in your database.
Now you can query data that’s kept in files outside the database.

Change your instance parameter values on the fly and have them take effect instantly with SPFILE.
You modify SPFILE settings with the ALTER SYSTEM command.

4 Automatic Extent Management
Prior to Oracle9i, determining the correct size of extents, resizing them, and monitoring them
was a big task. Now, Oracle9i automates the process of extending the size of a datafile.

5 Oracle Enterprise Manager
More integrated and comprehensive than ever, you can use Enterprise Manager to manage your
entire Oracle environment, other applications, listeners, and more.

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