Unix Alias for Oracle Database

alias abort=’echo shutdown abort|sqlplus -L -s / as sysdba’ alias alertvi=’vi $ORACLE_HOME/admin/ ORACLE_SID/bdump/alert_ORACLE_SID.log’ alias nomount=’echo startup nomount quiet|sqlplus -L -s / as sysdba’ alias ora=’cd $ORACLE_HOME’ alias pmon=’ps -ef | grep [p]mon’ alias startup=’echo startup quiet|sqlplus -L -s / as sysdba’ alias sysdba=’sqlplus -L / as sysdba’ alias tns=’cd $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin’ alias alert=’tail -100 $ORACLE_LOG/alert_$ORACLE_SID.log|more’ alias…

How to find top IO Process

We can find top cpu cosumption process by prstat command in Solaris , sometimes it will be necessary for us to find which process is taking more IO or IO Waits. I had searched on the internet. i had find the script to find to top IO Waits. 1. http://www.sun.com/bigadmin/scripts/submittedScripts/psio.pl.txt 2. http://yong321.freeshell.org/freeware/pio.html#mostuseful


Unix Command’s for DBA’s

Unix Command’s for DBA’s Basic File Navigation The “pwd” command displays the current directory: root> pwd /u01/app/oracle/product/ The “ls” command lists all files and directories in the specified directory. If no location is defined it acts on the current directory: root> ls root> ls /u01 root> ls -al The “-a” flag lists hidden “.” files….