Sun JRE instead of Jinitiator with Forms and Webutil

Sun JRE instead of Jinitiator with Forms and Webutil

Running Forms and Webutil with Sun Java 5.0.6 instead of Jinitiator.

And you know what: it’s faster and has more functionality I’ve been told…
First you need the java-file. In this case: jre15006.exe.

Initially I found it hard to find on the site of Sun – didn’t even know the name of the file I was looking for…
Found it at but if you keep searching the Sun-website, you will find it here:

Then: where shall I put the file? The application server expects the file in /forms/jinitiator.
In forms.conf this is defined as:
AliasMatch ^/forms/jinitiator/(..*) “/software/oracle/middle/jinit/$1?

Next thing is the configuration in formsweb.cfg (at the end of this post is the configuration what worked for me,
but first some explanation, quoted from some notes):

# baseHTMLjinitiator
# Suppose the old [webutil] configuration in formsweb.cfg contains:
# Change this in [sunwebutil] to:

# IE : Used to enable the browser’s default JRE

# jpi_classid
# This parameter value is used by Microsoft Internet Explorer to determine if the desired plug-in is installed.
# The value is recorded in the Windows Registry during the JRE/JPI or Jinitiator installation.
# When the browser sees this ID number it looks in the Registry to determine if it exists.
# If the ID is not found, the browser assumes that the needed plug-in has not been installed.
# The exact value will differ depending on the JRE or Jinitiator version selected for use.
# The only exception is the Sun “dynamic

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