SQL PLUS Command Line History

The rlwrap (readline wrapper) utility provides a command history and editing of keyboard input

for any other command. This is a really handy addition to SQL*Plus and RMAN .

Download the latest rlwrap software from the following URL.

Unzip and install the software using the following commands.

gunzip rlwrap*.gz
tar -xvf rlwrap*.tar
cd rlwrap*
make check
make install

Run the following commands, or better still append then to the “.bash_profile” of the

oracle software owner.

alias sqlplus=’rlwrap ${ORACLE_HOME}/bin/sqlplus’
alias rman=’rlwrap ${ORACLE_HOME}/bin/rman’
alias expdp=’rlwrap ${ORACLE_HOME}/bin/expdp’

You can now start SQL*Plus or RMAN using “sqlplus” and “rman” respectively, and you will have

a basic command history and the current line will be editable using the arrow and delete keys.

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