Solution for mount problems facing on AIX?

Solution for mount problems facing on AIX?
Facing Errors like below?

Have you ever tried mounting a shared folder existing on Solaris or Linux machine to a AIX machine ? While doing so most of us will see the below kind of error. So to solve this problem the solution is this post.

bash-3.00# mount pmgxs2v1:/dbarchive /dbarchive
mount: 1831-008 giving up on:
vmount: Operation not permitted.

bash-3.00# nfso -o nfs_use_reserved_ports=1
Setting nfs_use_reserved_ports to 1
bash-3.00# mount -n pmgxs2v1 /dbarchive /dbarchive
bash-3.00# cd /dbarchive/
bash-3.00# ls
apache builds java oracle os stax unzipper
browsers instance lost+found oracle-bundles staf stax-tnpm

Solaris by default requires any NFS mount to use a so called reserved port below 1024 and AIX 4.3 or above does by default use ports above 1024.
We can use the nfso command to restrict AIX to the reserved port range as follows:
nfso -o nfs_use_reserved_ports=1

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