Concurrent Manager FAQs

Concurrent Manager FAQs

Q: Which Concurrent Managers (CCMs) are supported by the Sysadmin team?

* Internal Concurrent Manager (ICM)
* Standard Manager
* Conflict Resolution Manager (CRM)

The setup of product-specific managers related issues should

be directed to the associated product group, i.e. the Inventory manager

Q: Where do the concurrent request output and log files reside?

A: $APPLCSF/out or $Product_Top/out for output files

$APPLCSF/log or $Product_Top/log for log files

Q: Where are temporary files located?

A: Temporary files reside in:


$REPORTS25_TMP (Release 11.0)

$REPORTS60_TMP (Release 11.5)

Q: How to change PMON method to LOCK.

To check the process monitor (PMON) method status:

Connect as database user “APPS

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